Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Goat Haiku

Today, a new genre: haiku.  I read one of my embryonic poems to David, and he said, “Is that it?” Not a ringing endorsement, but stick with me on this one.  Wikipedia defines Haiku as a “short, impressionistic poem” with the following characteristics: a focus on nature or seasons, 2 asymmetrical sections, contemplative/wistful tone, non-rhyming, meaning is suggestive.  Three lines with 5 syllables-7 syllables–5 syllables.   

So, here goes: Haiku a la goat farm.


My  red plastic chair
Overlooks the patio.
Guinea fowl screeching.  

Goat on a stump
Watching the traffic roll by.
Winter is coming.

Goat chewing her cud

Smoke in the night air
Wondering about the time.

The light bulb is bright
Night air rustling about
Chickens are sleeping.


Amber goat eyes stare
Through the hog panel fencing
Toward the winery.

Stake out

Puma stalks the stream
Waiting for her chance to eat.
Man waits in lawn chair.

Ink on envelope.
Thrashing the hope of trust.
Surprise in the mail.

Goat in the kitchen
Skittering across wood floors.
Not to know the herd.

Fourteen eyes on her
Brimming with questions unasked.
What is for dinner?

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