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Tori Spelling and goat (and child)

Pictures like this baffle me.  Not because it’s someone walking a goat down the street.  Done that.  Not even the low rise cowboy “booties.”  Have not done that.  Child walking down the street with a zip-lock bag full of cheese puffs – definitely done that.  But this is a “starlet,” Tori Spelling.  I see a lot of goats in the media these days, but it turns out that this fad is actually well entrenched. Goats have been a favorite companion of celebrities for decades.

photo by June Glenn Jr., 1946.
Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)—3-time Pulitzer prizewinner, honorary poet laureate (1963), writer, editor—lived on a dairy goat farm called “Connemara” in rural southwestern North Carolina where he and his wife developed a “champion” line of dairy goats.  Carl spent the last 22 years of his life living on this dairy goat farm and is quoted as saying:  “Goats are friendly.  You can talk with them.  A cow doesn’t know what you are saying.  But these goats come up very quietly and brush against you, as if to say, Isn’t life good?” He brought them in the house and sang folk songs to them.  Not a pygmy goat, but it’ll do.
Carl Sandburg with goats
from Pinterest

Here’s Clark Gable on the 1935 set of “Mutiny on the Bounty.”  I don’t have time to watch the 132-minute movie right now, so I don’t exactly know why there is a goat on the set.  Was the goat an extra? The Pinterest site where I found this photo called it a pet.  Anyway, I like my goats, too, and (maybe) I’d take them on the set of a movie with me.  Why not?

Gandi and goats
Gandi appears to have been a guest judge at the October 23, 1931 “Dairy Show” in London.  Apparently Gandi drank a lot of goat milk.  But even better, the winning goat was named “Mahatma Gandhi.” (On a side note, I particularly like the expression on the man at the far left with the hat...)

Another one from Pinterest: Ingrid Bergman with goats in the 1950s. No clue what’s going on here, but they all look happy enough.  Those might even be pygmy goats.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) - huge goat fan.  I’m guessing these photos are from the 1950s or 60s.  Here he is with his pet goat, Esmeralda, and there is he sitting atop his “She Goat” sculpture from 1952 (cigarette in hand):
Brigitte Bardot (b. 1934) apparently has always been fond of goats and has become quite an outspoken animal rights activist.  Here she is at her farm with her collection of random animals, mostly goats.  The upper picture is 1975, and I just have to say that Brigitte is way way way more attractive than her bony goat (who, by the way, looks like it just may be pooping in that photo).  The little black goat is cute, though. Just sayin’
Brigitte on her farm

Brigitte Bardot, 1975
Brigitte and goat
Salvador Dali and anteater
Ok, the next one is not a goat, but it’s too funny.  This is Salvador Dali (1904-1989) walking his anteater through Paris in 1969.  I bet Picasso would’ve chuckled. 

On the left below, is John Cena ca. 2010– professional wrestler, rapper, actor.  I stumbled across this photo via Google and had no idea who he was.  So after I looked at his cute …goat… for a while, I had to look him up, too.  Maybe he's getting in touch with his sensitive side? No. According to The Internet, Cena is mocking another wrestler named Daniel Bryan, who is sometimes called “The Goat” because of his beard.  I’ll let you decide which one is cuter.
Kim K
Not to miss a photo op, here’s Kim Kardashian.  According to People, “Whether she's cuddling with puppies or goats, this Kardashian loves one-on-one time with her furry friends.”  She must be pretty strong, too, 'cause I’m gues-timating that the goat weighs about 40 pounds.  Way to go, Kim.
Our long-term fascination with goats seems to cross all socioeconomic levels. I have only scratched the surface.  It's just something about them that resonates with us.

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