Monday, January 25, 2016

You Know You are From a Goat Farm When...

Tallulah & Maury

1. You share your playhouse with goats.

2. You have at least two pairs of muck boots: one dressy and one highly practical.

3. Your “cootie catcher” is actually a “goat kidding forecaster.”  

1 dead kid; 3 live kids; 4 live kids; 1 live
kid; no kids, 2 live kids, 2 dead kids;
3 live kids, 1 dead kid; 4 dead kids.

4. You learn to drive young – very young. 

5. You take your DMV driving test in a Suburban (with towing mirrors, but no trailer -- this time).

6. You are competitive about how much hay you can carry.

Wego (alive and well, thank you)

7. You don’t ask you what is in the crate. (You know it may or may not be alive -- circle of life).

8. You have a dog as a babysitter. 
9. You have your own account at the feed store, where everyone knows you by name and recognizes your voice on the (landline) phone.

Brocco's Old Barn, our favorite

10. You use YouTube to figure out how to perform veterinary procedures, NOT how to put on makeup. Then you buy all your supplies on

11. You keep goats in the kitchen.

12. Your best friend is a goat.

Me & Henry

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