Friday, February 5, 2016

"Toga the Goat" has hit the shelves! has it!

Oh, happy day! "Toga the Goat" is hot off the presses. As some of you may recall, Toga began as a blog post back in August. My kids had so much fun with it, that I turned it into a children's picture book. It's available on Amazon in hardback, paperback and ebook. I hope you enjoy it! 

Stay tuned for more adventures. Toga will be visiting the doctor (= vet), going into town, and (maybe) going on an expedition.  I have to think about how to get Toga through customs and in a carry-on bag, but I have some ideas....

Toga has a couple new friends, too: Gogo, Ogo, and Gigan-toga. They will all appear in the blog and on my Facebook page very soon. Keep an eye out!  

Ogo and Gogo just got back from Disneyland...more later

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